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Experience Mixed Wing Shooting and Dorado fishing in Santa Fe province. This area is surrounded by dove roosts and crops, pasturelands and only minutes away from waterfowl, which gives the hunters the possibility of combining extraordinary dove shooting with duck, perdiz and fishing without the need of changing areas or lodges nor traveling long distances in order to get them.

 The suggested program is a 5 days package, were on the first day you usually do high volume dove hunting to practice and get loose- subject to arrival time at the Lodge. The following 3 days you duck hunt in the morning, and in the afternoons you dove hunt or one afternoon instead of dove hunting you can fish for Dorado. The last morning you will be able to dove hunt and get ready for your return flight.

Example itinerary:

Day 1: Midday arrival at the Lodge. Dove hunt in the afternoon.

Day 2: Morning duck hunt + afternoon dove hunt.

Day 3: Morning duck hunt or perdiz + afternoon dove hunt.

Day 4: Morning duck hunt + Dorado fishing or afternoon dove hunt.

Day 5: Morning dove hunt.


Mixed Bag season:

  • Duck and Perdiz: May-August
  • Dove and Fishing: round year


  • Duck: 20 per hunt
  • Perdiz: 6-8 per hunt
  • Dove: Unlimited

Arrival to the lodge

  • Hunters must fly to Buenos Aires and take a quick connection to Santa Fe city where we pick you up and drive to the lodge.
  • Private charters fly straight to the lodge: please ask.



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