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Would you like to get to your dove hunting in Argentina outing fast and simple? When you think about the best bird shooting trip you immediately think about Cordoba in Argentina.

Of course. You are right. It’s a dream come true for any bird shooter. We know: “ridiculous”, “insane”, “amazing” are all adjectives to describe it. Probably your preferred option includes Sierra Brava Lodge because of its legendary world-record-setting bird shooting appeal. Maybe your preferred option includes a mixed bag or a dorado fishing.
Now, whatever your choice, you cannot escape one key essential aspect: your pre-trip planning, because much of the success of your trip depends on this. And above all aspects concerning your pre-trip arrangements– apart from a valid passport –the one element you’d like to consider with great deal of attention is the flight arrangements because you will avoid a headache or two. What I’m trying to say, you should really try to avoid having a negative experience with your airline or when connecting local airports.

The Voice of a shooter

Don’t agree? Read what happened to this guy. He shared his frustration on our TripAdvisor reviews section: “The only complaint has NOTHING to do with you lodge. The travel sucks. On the trip back to the US, the Cordoba carrier could not ‘find’ my connecting flights on “X” Airlines. YUP!…I never should have started that flight without ALL my boarding passes…we got dumped in Miami. “X” Airlines didn’t give a darn…told us to go whine to the other airline, that finally put us up for a day in Miami, after about 4 hours of begging between 9 PM and 2 AM. Finally, we made it back, after catching numerous standbys. Our bags never made it–EVER–as “X” Airlines just doesn’t give a damn. Add many thousand $$$ to cost of trip. Not the lodge’s fault, though. I don’t think I’m ever going back, just because the travel sucks. If I could snap my fingers and show up on the lodge’s doorstep, I’d go there every year!!!

Pre trip planning tips

Imagine, this could happen you! Actually, it could happen to anyone, travelling through any airport, at any city. But…the less number of airports and connection you make, the better chances of satisfaction you have. In other words, avoiding numerous unnecessary domestic airport connections is possible. Remember, share these two awesome tips with your travel agent because your next dove hunting trip to Cordoba deserves to be a hit!  the most practical and convenient way to land in Cordoba, if coming from the US, is flying via Santiago, Chile (airport code: SCL) because it allows perfect connection time to catch you direct flight to Cordoba. You board the 1-hour non-stop LAN Chile flight to Cordoba in no time! Imagine, no in-transit dead-time to kill! Flight lands in Cordoba (airport code: COR) at noon. Ideal for a short 1h15min drive to the lodge on a comfortable van to enjoy a delicious mouthwatering lunch before your first bird-shooting round during that same afternoon. Nice!those landing at Buenos Aires’ international airport (airport code: EZE) can now connect to Cordoba from that same airport. Yes, the national carrier, Aerolineas Argentinas, recently rescheduled and relaunched this daily connecting non-stop flight straight to Cordoba. Picture this, no more crossing town to get to the domestic airport (airport code: AEP, known as “Aeroparque”). You are saving almost 2 hours of your precious time, and avoiding the jammed traffic along the way.    Excuses not come to Sierra Brava, best dove hunting in Argentina: O Doves flying above Sierra Brava now: millions! Book NOW, be gone TOMORROW!

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