frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to dove hunting in Cordoba, Argentina, it is often said that “you have to see it to believe it”. We couldn’t agree more.

Until you’ve experienced high-volume Cordoba dove hunting for yourself, it is impossible to fully comprehend. The sheer volume of birds can be dizzying and awe-inspiring to first-time visitors.

With estimated dove populations topping 50 million, no bag limits and a season open year-round, Cordoba is the world’s most exclusive and revered dove hunting destination.

Groups with multiple hunters are able to reserve the entire lodge for a private retreat in a tranquil setting with breathtaking lakefront and Sierra Mountain views at affordable rates that no other argentina hunting lodges can beat.


What is the capacity of the lodge at one time?

Our lodge has 10 bedrooms, each with 2 twin size beds and a private bathroom.

How can we arrange to have the private lodge?

The private lodge can be reserved for a group of minimum 10 and up to 20 shooters. It is charged on a lodge flat-fee basis (therefore the cost per person lowers with more hunters).

What is the normal attire at the lodge?

The atmosphere at the lodge is very casual. We want you to feel at home while at Sierra Brava. In the field, we do suggest darker colored or camouflage shirts and pants. In the summer time it is very common to wear shorts.

What is the Internet connection at the lodge
and can I make long distance phone calls?

We have high speed satellite Internet service with Wi-Fi throughout the lodge. There is cell phone service at the lodge.

How do I connect my electronic equipment at the lodge?

There are electric outlets in every room and throughout the common areas. Electronics in Argentina require 220 volts so it is necessary to bring an electricity converter (we usually can supply one at the lodge). Additionally, European adapters will be needed for two-pronged plugs.

What are normal tips at the lodge?

Tipping is discretionary. The house staff tips are collected by lodge manager and distributed entirely among the entire staff. For the bird boys, we typically recommend $50 per day per hunter. Gifts such as hats, shirts and other hunting related items are also appreciated by the bird boys.


What guns are available for rental?

Our gun inventory includes: Beretta semi automatics 20ga; Benelli semi auto 20 ga; Beretta Silver Pigeon o/u 20 ga; Fair Premier o/u 20 ga; Beretta 686 Onix O/U 28 ga; Benelli Rafaello semi auto 28 ga; Browning o/u 20ga. All of our guns are in excellent condition.

What kind of shells do you use?

We have 12, 20 and 28 gauge shotgun shells. We have .410 shotgun shells, but you should ask in advance regarding availability.

Can I bring my own shotgun shells?

You are not allowed to bring shotgun shells into Argentina. The Argentine gun agency will confiscate your shells and it will be an uncomfortable situation at the airport. Please do not bring shells with you.

Are shotgun plugs used in Argentina?

Cordoba is about high volume. You are not required to have plugs for dove hunting.

Do you have any guns for left-handed shooters?

Yes, we do!

How many shotguns can I bring into Argentina?

You are allowed to bring a maximum of three shotguns/barrels into Argentina for the purpose of bird hunting. Please, inquire about the procedure for bringing guns into the country.


How do I reserve my dates?

Within 15 days subsequent to the reservation, we ask for a non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the trip fee.

Please inquire regarding purchasing trip insurance directly from us.

Do I need any special vaccines?

There are no special vaccines required to come to Argentina. You may want to consult your doctor.

Is Argentina safe?

Argentina is considered to be the safest country in South America. It has a very educated and friendly population. Like in any big city, Buenos Aires needs special attention. In cities, it is a good idea to take radio taxis from the hotels and restaurants and just be aware of the situation.

Who will meet us up at Cordoba airport?

The baggage handlers will meet you in the baggage claim area and will lead you to the Sierra Brava representative. They will then take you to the lodge.

Can I take doves home with me?

It used to be possible to bring birds back home. Nowadays airlines are not happy with leaking coolers and usually do not allow those anymore in long distance flights.

What is the weather like in Córdoba?

We have a special weather section that breaks down each season. The best place for up to date weather is:
www. weather.msn.com

Some general information

1. Depending on the year conditions, it does not rain much. When it rains it usually rains at night.
2. It is hardly ever unbearably hot. There may be 2 or 3 weeks per year between January and February with very hot days.
3. It is rarely freezing cold. It has snowed once at the lodge in the last few years. And it was amazing how the birds still flew. Almost everybody who comes to the lodge during our “winter” months of June-August only rave about the crisp, cool weather.
4. We have about 330 days of clear blue, sunny skies. It is almost always perfect dove hunting conditions.
5. Temperatures always drop at night. This makes for perfect sleeping conditions without air conditioning and heat.

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