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Argentina Dove Hunt Reviews - A dream come true!“

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I placed an Argentina dove hunt on my wish list many years ago.  Two years ago my wish became a reality when I saw an advertisement for Sierra Brava at DSC show, Texas.  I elected to give them a try and stopped by their booth.  They answered the many questions I had about Argentina dove hunting trip and convinced me to book for our group of six hunters.  They did all possible to ensure we were going to have a great hunt.
The staff was friendly and efficient.”, Expressed JS from Fort Worth, Texas.  

The reason why we remain in every hunter’s bucket list is because Argentina has become legendary for its high volume dove hunting. As agriculture expanded over the years, it created the perfect environment for upland birds: roosting woods, mild climate, the absence of natural enemies and unlimited sources of food.
Simply put, Argentina offers the finest dove hunt experience in the world.

Located in the heart of Argentina, also known as the dove hunting capital of the world, our hunting lodge offers a more than beautiful location, unlimited, high volume dove shooting year round combined with superb hospitality and affordable dove hunting prices

“As soon as we landed, we met JJ Sala, manager partner of Sierra Brava Lodge, at Cordoba Airport.  I knew immediately we had made a new friend.  JJ is a cheerful and very efficient person. The ride to the lodge was less than an hour and a half.  We were welcomed by the entire staff at the lodge; bird boys, housekeepers, chefs, scouts, and Topo.  

Our Argentina dove hunt choice was spotless, comfortable and the staff stopped just short of patronizing us in trying to be helpful.  Every request, whether it was laundry service, historical questions or hunting information was welcomed with a smile by our new friends at the lodge. A full lunch followed shortly and then it was time to dove hunt.”, continued JS

Argentina Dove Hunt Checklist

Our Argentina dove hunt operation has been in the dove hunt business for more than 19 years now with only one goal in mind: To provide our guests with memorable shooting experiences so that they can visit us again and again…
“After a short drive, we were in the hills trying to keep up with our bird boys as they led us along narrow, machete chopped trails to our individual shooting spots.  Two and a half hours, 36 boxes of shells and 759 doves later I called it an afternoon.  
The evening meal was generous portions of fine Argentine beef with all the trimmings.
The Sierra Brava staff served lunches in the field under a canopy and spared no effort: appetizers and a delicious meal from Topo’s grill, coffee, and dessert. The remainder of our Argentina dove hunt was a carbon copy of our first experience at Sierra Brava.  Our group harvested almost 16,000 doves during our three-day hunt!
We boosted our harvest numbers from the previous year by over two thousand.” Concluded JS from Texas.

In order to provide the best Argentina dove hunt experience we believe that certain attributes must converge: Careful planning and attention to detail, experienced guides and scouts, exceptional shooting, the traditional Argentinean hospitality, world class accommodations and gourmet cuisine with a selection of our finest wines.

Book your world-class dove hunting in Argentina trip now and cross it off your bucket list!

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spectacular dove shooting world record
Toby Thomas

Did you know the world-record on birds shot in one day was broken twice at the lodge?
"Sierra Brava is the most incredible, best place in Argentina to come… I think in the world!
I highly suggest you come down here. We will be coming back for many years to come… Bring our families, our friends. Come check it out for yourselves, you will not be disappointed at all! Everybody here will become as family to you and you will want to come back time and time again…
Sierra Brava always show you the best time!

Toby Thomas
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argentina dove hunt price

camouflaged dove hunters shooting

High-Volume Dove hunt

(January to August)

(Regular rate)
Per hunter per night. $590: With +9 hunters you can request private lodging.
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  • Meet and assistance on arrival and departure at Cordoba International Airport.
  • All ground transportation from/to Cordoba airport and hunting fields.
  • Full time coordinator from the moment you book your trip.
  • Deluxe double bedroom lodging with private bathrooms.
  • All Gourmet meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • All beverages, including real good quality Argentinean wines, local beers, and local hard liquor.
  • All local taxes and service charges. All field leases.
  • Gun cleaning service.
  • Free WiFi.

NOT Included

  • Airfare.
  • Early Check-in or Late check out.
  • Single room ($60 per night)
  • Extra shells ($19.95 per box of 25).
  • Pigeon hunt ($250 per hunt) - May to September.
  • Gun rental ($75 per day).
  • Hunting License ($65 per day).
  • Gratuities to house staff and bird boys.
  • Prices subject to change.


Below is a description of a typical dove hunting day at our dove hunting lodge.
7:00-7:30 a.m. – Wake up call (will vary according to the season and scouting reports).
Join us for fresh coffee and a delicious Argentinean breakfast in our dining area.

8:00 a.m. – Breakfast is served.
Enjoy to fresh fruit, muffins, toast and eggs before you begin your day. You will definitely want to try the Argentinean favorite dulce de leche.

After Breakfast – Head out to the field!
Dove hunters will be caravanned to the field where you will meet your field assitants who will guide you to your blind and assist you in everything you may need during your morning hunt.

12:30 p.m.
– Enjoy a traditional Argentinean asado (BBQ) field lunch.
Feast on delicious, homemade empanadas, dove brochettes, pork sausage, tenderloin, ribs, skirt steak, pork chops and much more.

1:30 p.m. – Free time.
Enjoy an afternoon nap in one of our comfortable hammocks/cots. Relaxing time after lunch during the winter months may be shorter.

3 p.m. – Enjoy the best hunting in the field during the afternoon shoot.
After the shoot you will go back to the lodge and may enjoy a professional upper- or full-body massage from one of our local masseuses.
An afternoon cocktail and snack will be waiting for you by the fire pit. Recount the day’s events and compare stories with fellow hunters.

8:00 p.m. – Dinner is served.
Taste a variety of local seasonal favorites including our famous cuts of Argentinean beef. Topo’s Italian night is another favorite of our guests.


when is DOVE SEASON IN argentina?

People ask when is dove season in Argentina? The dove hunting season in Cordoba, Argentina is open year-round and the shooting can be spectacular any day of the year.

Then add to that the fact that in Argentina, there are no bag limits due to the sheer volume of birds. The climate in Cordoba is moderate and we are rarely affected by any type of extreme weather.

Keeping in mind that the dove season in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere are reversed, here is a quick breakdown of the weather in Cordoba and the dove hunting throughout the year.

If you were wondering: When to Dove Hunt in Argentina?

How is the weather in the dove hunting season in Cordoba Argentina?

1. Depending on the year conditions, it does not rain much. When it rains it usually rains at night.
2. It is hardly ever unbearably hot. There may be 2 or 3 weeks per year between January and February with very hot days.
3. It is rarely freezing cold. It has snowed once at the lodge in the last few years. And it was amazing how the birds still flew. Almost everybody who comes to the lodge during our “winter” months of June-August only rave about the crisp, cool weather.
4. We have about 330 days of clear blue, sunny skies. It is almost always perfect dove hunting conditions.
5. Temperatures always drop at night. This makes for perfect sleeping conditions without air conditioning and heat.

Dove Hunting Checklist

How many doveS can I expect to shoot each day?

Cordoba is well known all over the world for being the most amazing place for Dove Hunting in Argentina. This is very easy to prove because not only there is no daily limit that you can hunt but also the dove hunting season is all year round!

It is estimated that in Cordoba there are around 30 millions of doves and the number keeps increasing each year. There is plenty of food for doves to stay and that is the main reason why it is considered a pest.

Looking forward to finding a place where you can shoot thousand of shells per day?

Sierra Brava Dove Hunting Lodge is and will always be your best choice!
If you are a wing-shooting lover do not hesitate to book one of the most amazing Argentina dove hunting experiences of your life.

Contact us for the best deals and start calling your buddies for a unique Argentina Dove Hunting Adventure!

What guns are available for rental?

Our gun inventory includes: Beretta semi automatics 20ga; Benelli semi auto 20 ga; Beretta Silver Pigeon o/u 20 ga; Fair Premier o/u 20 ga; Beretta 686 Onix O/U 28 ga; Benelli Rafaello semi auto 28 ga; Browning o/u 20ga. All of our guns are in excellent condition.

What kind of shells do you use?

We have 12, 20 and 28 gauge shotgun shells. We have .410 shotgun shells, but you should ask in advance regarding availability.

Can I bring my own shotgun shells?

You are not allowed to bring shotgun shells into Argentina. The Argentine gun agency will confiscate your shells and it will be an uncomfortable situation at the airport. Please do not bring shells with you.

Are shotgun plugs used in Argentina?

Cordoba is about high volume. You are not required to have plugs for dove hunting.

Do you have any guns for left-handed shooters?

Yes, we do!

How many shotguns can I bring into Argentina?

You are allowed to bring a maximum of three shotguns/barrels into Argentina for the purpose of bird hunting. Please, inquire about the procedure for bringing guns into the country.

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