Father & Son
a memorable Dove Hunting
in Argentina

Father & Son a memorable
Dove Hunting in Argentina

No matter how many years ago, I imagine everyone remembers their first dove —the time, place, gun and who you were with. For many of us, dove hunting was the start into the world of hunting and wildlife, forging lifelong friendships, passions, and memories.

Countless passionate hunters of today got their start hunting doves with their Dad, as it is a rite of passage for many shooters, and it´s still one of the most challenging and enjoyable kinds of hunting. Can you remember your first Father & Son Dove hunting? I can.
It was in Cordoba, Argentina. October 2008. The doves were flying high and fast that day. I missed several in a row and was getting disappointed. Then one lone dove came into view flying fast overhead. I shot and watched the bird tumbled to the ground. Yes, I did it! With Dad at my side, I killed my first dove!.
That afternoon I killed more than 1000 thousands birds! It was a memorable day! No photos exist of my first dove hunt in Argentina, but the memories haven’t faded. For the next several years, dove hunting was a major activity in our lives. Dad and I decided to make an annual trip to Sierra Brava Lodge, “Our home away from home”. Every time I see my name written on Sierra Brava´s 1000 club board, I can perfectly recall my first hunt and Dad´s proud face when the first dove felt in the ground! Dove shooting with my Dad, brother and buddies helped deepen my interests in wildlife and nature. Cause dove hunting in Argentina helps bond families and friends. It’s not just about shooting doves but mostly about fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and buddies.
Thanks Dad & Sierra Brava for introducing me into such a passionate world!

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