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Argentina Dove Hunting Experience - Sierra Brava Lodge
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Meet our Staff

Behind the scenes of our lodge experience is a team of dedicated individuals, each contributing their expertise to make your stay unforgettable.

Take a moment to meet the people who ensure everything runs smoothly from your arrival to departure. We're here to make your time with us exceptional, so let's introduce you to the friendly faces of our team.

Field Team: Guides, Scouts, Transfers.

Discover the wild with our Field Team. They're your compass to adventure, leading you through untamed landscapes, sharing stories of the great outdoors, and ensuring your journey is filled with wonder.


Meet our Birdboys. They're your winged companions, helping you unravel the secrets of the wild, pointing out feathered targets, and turning your hunting experience into a symphony of nature.

Lodge Hosts: Your Welcoming Committee

Say hello to Your Welcoming Committee, our Lodge Hosts. They're the friendly faces ensuring your stay is comfortable, answering your questions, and making sure you feel right at home in our cozy lodge.

Culinary Crew: Food Artists

Taste the wild with our Food Artists, the Culinary Crew. They turn local ingredients into culinary delights, crafting dishes that celebrate the flavors of the region and make every meal a memorable experience.
You will always remember our wine and meat.

House staff: Masters of Cleanliness, Creators of Coziness

Meet our House staff—masters of cleanliness and creators of coziness. With a touch of magic, they transform bedrooms into inviting havens. Experience the comfort of a tidy retreat with a hint of delightful scents.

Fishing Team: Waters Wizards

Dive into the adventure with our Waters Wizards, the Fishing Team. They're your fishing companions through rivers, lakes, and marshes. They will reveal the best spots and share tricks of the trade, making sure your angling experience is as exciting as it gets.

Office Staff: Lodge Logistics Heroes

Say hi to our Lodge Logistics Heroes—our Office Staff. They keep things running like clockwork, handling bookings, answering your questions, and making sure everything's shipshape for your stay.