How much does it cost to go
Dove Hunting in Argentina?

Best Deal on shells in the business (guaranteed)

How much does it cost to go dove hunting in argentina?

At the moment, the cost to high-volume dove hunt in Cordoba, Argentina, is $590 per hunter per day.

The cost of the hunting license is $65 per day and you can rent a shotgun for $75 per day.
Last but not least, shotgun shells are the cheapest in the market at $19,95 per box of 25!

Non hunter rate: $295 per night.


What is the capacity of the lodge at one time?

Our lodge has 10 bedrooms, each with 2 twin size beds and a private bathroom.

How can we arrange to have the private lodge?

The private lodge can be reserved for a group of minimum 10 and up to 18 shooters. It is charged on a lodge flat-fee basis (therefore the cost per person lowers with more hunters).

What is the normal attire at the lodge?

The atmosphere at the lodge is very casual. We want you to feel at home while at Sierra Brava. In the field, we do suggest darker colored or camouflage shirts and pants. In the summer time it is very common to wear shorts.

Some general information

1. Depending on the year conditions, it does not rain much. When it rains it usually rains at night.
2. It is hardly ever unbearably hot. There may be 2 or 3 weeks per year between January and February with very hot days.
3. It is rarely freezing cold. It has snowed once at the lodge in the last few years. And it was amazing how the birds still flew. Almost everybody who comes to the lodge during our “winter” months of June-August only rave about the crisp, cool weather.
4. We have about 330 days of clear blue, sunny skies. It is almost always perfect dove hunting conditions.
5. Temperatures always drop at night. This makes for perfect sleeping conditions without air conditioning and heat.


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