#1 Meat eaters in the world

It is 10:30am and my shoulder already hurts from so much shooting.
Today we are having a barbecue in the field, at least that is what Ezequiel, our host, said before we left the lodge… I have heard so much about Argentinean asados that I cannot wait to see the grill when we get to the camp.

It is 12pm now and our bird boys are walking us to the camp… Everyone is highly surprised about the amount of doves. We are all first timers so you can imagine the big grin on our faces when we looked up this morning. Anyway, we are getting to the camp which is just around the corner and I am walking straight to the grill, of course. I see fire and where there is fire in Argentina, there is a dismembered cow slowly grilling over hot coals. Asado is not just a barbecue, or a cultural tradition, it is Argentinean main source of national pride and worshipped high on a majestic meat pedestal alongside Messi and the Pope. Right next to the grill, on the ground, there is a big cooking disc over hot coals with dove breast empanadas, as we may call them meat pies, covered in oil. My mouth is just drooling. The waiter offers me an exquisite glass of Malbec wine and a tomato and basil bruschetta while we wait on the main dish.

It is 12:20pm now and lunch is ready. We are all sitting around a long table with a green table cloth and comfortable white chairs, under a big camouflage tent. We try the empanadas to start with and I would eat the whole tray but want to save space for the asado. Argentine sausages, backstrap, flank steak, meat ribs, sirloin and the list goes on and on. Every bite was out of this world… I have a sweet tooth and even in this wild camp we are delighted with their traditional Flan.

It is 2pm now and we can hardly move after the feast. We see cots and hammocks by the shadow, a Cuban cigar and a door to heaven.

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