Where is the best dove hunting in the world?

Where is the best dove hunting in the world?

When you think about the where is the best dove hunting trip in the world you immediately think about Argentina. Of course, you are right! It is a dream come true for any bird shooter. We know: “ridiculous”, “insane”, “amazing” are all adjectives to describe it.

Where can I dove hunt in Argentina?

Argentina Dove hunt: Welcome to Cordoba!

Cordoba, in the very center heart of Argentina, is the place all bird hunting lovers consider as the best place on the planet to experience dove hunting. The one-of-its-kind Macha Dove Roost is not only the most populated dove roost in Cordoba, it is also the most populated in the world. People refer to Cordoba as The Dove Hunting Mecca because it has the best bird shooting in the planet. What is more, Córdoba offers hunters easy access, with direct flights from Miami (USA), Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires, Lima (Peru), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Madrid (Spain) and Panama City (Panama). Pleasant weather is also a bonus, with more than 300 days of sun per year.

Looking forward to finding a place where you can shoot 1000+ shells per day? Your preferred option should be Sierra Brava Lodge.  The lodge is perfectly situated between the two most prized dove roosts in Cordoba, providing the best dove hunting in Argentina year-round.

Sierra Brava is one of the best dove hunting experiences a person can experience in Cordoba. We offer world-class high-volume dove shooting plus amazing friendly atmosphere at the lodge and first-class food & wine. No wonder why Sierra Brava is hands-down and without question “the best bang-for-the-buck dove hunting lodge in Cordoba, Argentina”.

We will be waiting for you at Cordoba airport where your adventure begins! Ground transportation to/from the hunting field is done in modern deluxe vans. You will be personally assisted by professional bilingual guides. You will be accommodated in Deluxe lodging with private bathrooms and will be delighted with every meal. We offer home-made and world class cuisine, breakfast, lunch and dinner, including international dishes, Argentinean finest wines and the famous Argentine Barbecue “Asado”.

We also provide you the possibility to enjoy swimming in a beautiful pool. The sauna and jacuzzi is always available for a break!

Come visit us at Sierra Brava Lodge in Cordoba, Argentina, and see for yourself why everyone says we have the best high-volume dove hunting in the world!

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