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Why fly all the way to Argentina to hunt doves or ducks?

I'm often asked, "Why fly all the way to Argentina to hunt doves or ducks?"

To which I reply: The short answer is VOLUME!

I have been on some great duck and goose hunts. I'm lucky to have hunted ducks in Canada, Mexico, & Honduras as well as eleven states in the US. In Canada the limit was 8 ducks & 8 dark geese. In the US, the limit is now 6 per day. Mexican limits are more liberal; but travel safety is questionable.

Dove season in the US is a time-honored tradition in the south and some of us are lucky to have great dove hunting, especially those living in Texas. If you are still gainfully employed, you are lucky to hunt doves 20 time per year and maybe 15-20 times per year for ducks, If you are lucky. So doing the math quickly, with a limit of 15 doves per day and 6 ducks per day, one could possibly take 300 doves & 120 duck IF you could hunt that many days, and IF you are lucky enough to get a limit on 100% of your hunts, (which we all know is impossible). I would also bet that most of you, if honest, would not get to hunt near as often as the example above.

If you want to improve your shooting skills, there is not a place I know of in the world like Argentina, where you can truly get all the practice your shoulder can stand in three to four days. If you really enjoy shooting your shotgun, you can shoot more doves in one morning shoot than all year in the US! Moreover, the lodge field staff at most lodges can offer great advice to help you improve your shooting skills. Then, the icing on the cake is the beautiful country & lodges with friendly staff, excellent Argentine beef and Malbec wines!

So, if you'd like to go on a hunting trip of a lifetime, please give us a call. We would really like to help you plan it and select the perfect lodge.

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