Can you bring dove back from Argentina?

What happens to the birds?

can you bring dove back from argentina?

The Eared Dove – Zenaida Auriculata

Of the doves that exist in Argentina, this specie is the most abundant, and each year seems to reproduce in greater and greater numbers. The reproductive cycle occurs between four and five times per year, with at least two and sometimes three eggs laid during each of those cycles.
In the area where Sierra Brava Lodge is, conservative estimates dictate that we have one of the largest roosts in the entire world, known as the Macha Roost.
The single most common question that we have received from you during times that we hunt thousands of birds in one day is this: What do you do with the downed birds? In our lodge it is one of the prime ingredients, along with the best beef found in Argentina. In our menu, our doves are prepared in a variety of ways… Brochettes (shishkabob), pate, burritos, fried dove, dove nuggets, dove with mushroom sauce, dove with black pepper, dove empanadas… Different arrangements of dove are offered in a wide variety of tastes, limited only by our imagination, including our special Paloma Brava, which is a recipe exclusive to our lodge.
It is also important to note that many of the local families in our area are fed with the results of our dove hunts, while also using the downed birds for local pig farms, and of course, the few that are not recovered by our bird boys, due to the dense vegetation in our area, are quickly and efficiently absorbed by nature, in the form of foxes, eagles, and other natural predators.


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