Can you bring ducks back from Argentina?

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We really wish we could tell you that you can take all the ducks you hunt back to your house but the reality is that you are not allowed to do this. It used to be permitted but unfortunately not anymore. There is a law in Argentina that doesn’t allow people to carry home native animals, including birds.
We strongly advice against trying to bring birds back with you from Argentina.

Additionally, airlines have been increasingly unwilling to allow the transport of game birds as well.

At Rio Bravo, duck meat is an ingredient used in the kitchen by our professional chefs. When hunting with us, you will eat ducks and doves in a variety of ways: honey mustard roasted duck, duck and dove empanadas, dove pate, dove brochettes, fried doves, dove nuggets and many more! Of course, combined with the best beef in Argentina.

Many of the local families are also fed with the ducks and doves you shoot. We clean them so that they can take food to their homes. We also feed local pigs and some are absorbed by nature, in the form of foxes, eagles, and other natural predators.

*Season: May through August.

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