Argentina Dove Shooting Packing List

Argentina Dove Shooting Packing List

Are you thinking about exploring Argentina’s dove shooting world? Don’t forget to pack these!

Personal documentation:

You are traveling abroad, so your passport is a must! First, check the expiration date on your passport since it should not expire within six months of your trip’s departure date. Make a photocopy of it before leaving and keep the original in your packed luggage.

Equipment for the field:

Adequate hunting clothing Camouflage or caqui hunting clothes and hats.

Ear protection foam earplugs are recommended to protect your eardrums from the loud noise shooting can cause.

Eye protection Make sure you protect yourself from harsh ultraviolet rays with a pair of good quality sunglasses or shooting glasses.

Shoulder protection If you do not want to go back home with the famous Argentinean Tattoo, use your shoulder pad while shooting doves! These will protect you from abrasion caused by mounting the gun as well as recoil.

Hand protection leather shooting gloves are recommended when loading guns and shooting for many hours.

Foot protection – Lightweight or ankle‐height is all you need. Many shooters even wear sneakers.
Gaiters are only recommended from November to March.

Other recommended items:

Camera even though there is usually a videographer ready to record your experience, it is a smart idea to bring some good quality photos back home with you.

Sunscreen it is definitely a good idea to protect your skin while hunting in the sun.
Medication – carry some pain relievers, antibiotics, and medications that treat nausea, allergic reactions, and diarrhea. If you take medication regularly, do not forget to pack it with you.

Money You are not allowed to bring shotgun shells into Argentina so if you plan on shooting a minimum of 2000 shells in three days, be prepare for check out! Cash, credit cards, and personal checks are a personal choice.

See you at the field!

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