Best Dove Hunting in Argentina - AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE...

If you are an avid hunter and have been to Argentina, you have probably heard all about this wingshooting paradise. But, if you are a wingshooter who has been dove shooting in Cordoba then we surely know that your perspective on hunting doves has been changed forever.

In Cordoba, unlike anywhere else, dove shooting is about refining your abilities and learning about the behavior of your prey. With a population of more than 50 million doves which get to darken the skies over the roosts, just 3 days of hunting can make you more reactive and enable you to respond faster, thus sharpening your hunting skills.

Hunting is our biggest passion!

Hunting to us is being out there, surrounded by nature, and experiencing the sounds, the views, the smell and the quietness of the environment.

Sometimes we go hunting because we want to get away from civilization; sometimes we need to spend time on our own and other times, we go hunting to spend quality time with our family and friends.

Hunting is what makes us get out of bed every morning and our desire to share our passion with the rest of the world is what keeps Sierra Brava´s heart alive and kicking.

Cordoba High-volume dove shooting is much more exciting than you would ever expect of a hunt.

It is often said that you have to see it to believe it and until you have experienced the high-volume dove hunting that we have to offer, it is impossible to fully comprehend.

Sierra Brava will offer you not only a sensational day of shooting but also a home away from home. Characterized by careful planning and attention to detail from the moment you book your trip, the most experienced guides, scouts, and loaders, world class accommodation, gourmet cuisine, and exceptional team work, Sierra Brava will always be your first choice when it comes to dove shooting.


Why not try some pigeon hunting for a change!

Dove hunting in Argentina is addictive and feverish... Once the birds drop, you will want to shoot more and more.


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