Best dove hunting in Argentina - “Never give up on your dreams”

Best dove hunting in Argentina - “Never give up on your dreams”

In September 2011, we all enjoyed a very touching experience at Sierra Brava, with an old friend/client, Dick “THE LEGEND” Fenner.

Dick had suffered a stroke the year before and still came to the lodge stuck on his wheelchair and half his body rigid after the physical tumble. He came to the lodge that September with his loving wife Claudia and a group of close friends, the Gallants. Once at the lodge, his spirit, love and passion for life were flying higher and faster than any dove in Northern Cordoba.

Dick was born April 23, 1941, in Sacramento, California and attended El Camino High School. He later spent his career with the California State Department of Fish and Game. Much of his work focused on fishery surveys on the Delta waterways, a perfect complement to his life-long devotion to fishing and hunting. Among his many interests, he was deeply involved in local and national retriever field trials, raising show pigeons, and rooting for the Giants. He was a member of the Northern California Field Trial Gunners Association, the Field Trial Gunners Guild, Native Sons of California, Ducks Unlimited, and a life member of the California Waterfowl Association. He simply loved the outdoors.

Dick’s good-humored spirit and passion for the outdoors made him hit the dove shooting fields together with his friend. His lovely wife Claudia will sit and enjoy Dick’s amazing shooting rounds, all held with one arm only! Amazing challenge. Glorious achievement and worthy inclusion on the 1000 CLUB board.

Dick’s Bird Boy, was as efficient as he was loyal to Dick’s quest for the 1000 Club induction; a superb achievement.

Dick’s achievement dove shooting at Sierra Brava Lodge really marked a few people and gave everyone a tremendous example: Never to surrender and always to follow your dreams! We were all touched and honored to have Dick fulfilling his dream and shooting achievement in the company of his lovely wife Claudia, the Gallant group, and everyone in the Sierra Brava family.

Dick, a resident of Fairfield, sadly passed away on July 8, 2012 while salmon fishing with close friends. He was 71.

All of us at the lodge learned from Dick never to give up or complain about the small and insignificant things of life. It was truly a memorable group for everybody and a moving story which left us with a revitalizing message for life.

Come to Sierra Brava, best dove hunting in Argentina and visit DICK’S GUN ROOM.

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