My husband and I are ardent outdoor enthusiasts

My husband and I are ardent outdoor enthusiasts. We hunt, fish, and enjoy the adventure and relaxation that Argentina brings to our lives.

We have enjoyed many adventures with SierraBrava since its inception and have never been disappointed in their hospitality or their ingenuity in providing us the best possible experience.

We especially have enjoyed being able to combine bird hunting with other outstanding aspects of Argentian culture and natural resources. The spectacle of Iguazu Falls matches any in the world. Fishing the Golden Dorado in the east, and rainbows and browns in the Alumine River in the west, have been wonderful add-ons for our duck, dove, and pigeon shoots. We are looking forward to a tour of the wine country in a future trip, although we have already enjoyed many wonderful meals with great malbecs. When you go to Sierra Brava, be sure to add an excursion to Buenos Aires for a dinner and tango show. It’s exhilarating!

By Donald Inman

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