What kind of dove are in Argentina?

What kind of dove are in Argentina?

The bird that has made Argentina popular for its unlimited shooting is the eared dove or zenaida auriculata. The eared dove is 24 cm (9.4 in) long with a long, wedge-shaped tail, and weighs normally about 112 g (4.0 oz).

The peculiarity about the eared doves around Córdoba is that they do not migrate. Enormous flocks are described as flying constantly between their roosting woods and the open fields, darkening the Argentinean skies! The fact that these birds are non-migratory means that you can hunt them year round with great consistency.
There are an estimated 50 million doves in the northern area of Cordoba, providing exceptional hunts for thousands and thousands of visitors year after year.

Providing hunters like you around the world with unlimited exhilarating dove shooting year round, what else can you ask for?

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