Are there Ducks in


yes there are!


Argentina is a large and beautiful country. There are many species of birds available for hunting and in great quantities! Doves, pigeons, perdiz and ducks are some of the most popular among international hunters. If you are a wing shooter, Argentina should definitely be your first choice!

Rio Bravo mixed-bag lodge is located right in the wet Pampas which make for incredible duck hunting since there is no better duck habitat than the Pampas.
The most common species of Argentina ducks are Rosy-billed Pochard, White-faced Whistling Duck, Fulvous Whistling duck, White-cheeked Pintail, Yellow-billed Pintail,  Red Shoveler, Brazilian Duck, Ringed Teal, Speckled Teal,  Silver Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Black-headed Duck, Chiloe Wigeon.

Our hunters are amazed at the hundreds of ducks they encounter at every hunting session. From May until August our skies are a duck hunter's paradise!

*Season: May through August.

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