Fishing Gear: Highlighting the most effective equipment for Trout Fishing

Fishing Gear: Highlighting the most effective equipment for trout fishing

When it comes to trout fishing, having the right gear can make all the difference in having a successful and enjoyable experience.

Here are some suggestions for effective equipment:

Rods: For trout fishing, a light or ultralight rod is usually best. Look for a rod between 4-6 feet in length, with medium fast action. This will allow for greater sensitivity when detecting bites and strikes. Some popular rod brands for trout fishing include Orvis, Sage, and G. Loomis.

Reels: Look for a reel that matches the size of your rod and has a good drag system. A quality reel will help you play and land your catch more efficiently.

Lines: For trout fishing, a weight-forward floating line is usually best. This will allow for easier casting and better presentation of your bait or lure. Depending on the season, you might also need to use a sinking tip line, between 150-200 grain.

Waders: Waders are an essential piece of gear for many trout anglers, as they allow you to get closer to the fish and reach more remote areas. Look for waders made from breathable material that will keep you dry and comfortable.

In addition to these basic equipment recommendations, you may also want to consider adding a few other items to your gear list, such as:

Leaders and tippets: These are essential components of your fishing setup that help to present your bait or lure in a natural and enticing way. Look for leaders and tippets that match your fly.

Lures and bait: There are many different types of lures and bait that can be effective for trout fishing, including spinners, spoons, worms, and flies. Experiment with different options to see what works best in your local fishing spots.

Nets: A landing net can be a helpful tool for safely and efficiently landing your catch without injuring the fish or losing your grip.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the experience of fishing. With the right gear and a bit of practice, you can improve your chances of success and make lasting memories on the water.

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Patagonia Trout Fisherman


(Regular rate)
Rate per Angler: $5,295
*Based on double occupancy.

  • Day 1: Arrival at San Martin de los Andes airport. Meet-and-greet. Transfer to town of Alumine (2hrs). Welcome dinner and evening review of the fishing program.
    Days at Bravo Sur will be spent fishing on one of the great rivers in the Alumine region and some of the greatest lakes in Patagonia. Each day’s itinerary will be carefully described the previous evening by your fishing guide so that you will be familiar with the fishing spots and the appropriate gear to bring.
  • Day 2: After breakfast we will drive 15 minutes to the starting spot and float 12 mile Abra ancha section of the upper Alumine River. This section of the river is beautiful with riffles and lots of pockets to catch browns and rainbows. There are some rapids on the portion of the river as well. After lunch on the river shore, we will continue fishing and a 30 min drive will take us back to the lodge for dinner. 
  • Day 3: After breakfast, we will fish 14 mile Avispero /Pichi Leufu section of the upper Alumine river.
  • Day 4: Fishing mid-stretch of the River Alumine (Avispero/Puesto Quemado). Fishing trip of 15km.
  • Day 5: Fishing on Lake Pulmari or fishing in Lake Quillen.
  • Day 6: Fishing mid-stretch of the river Alumine (Puesto quemado/Rancague). Fishing trip of 15km.
  • Day 7: Fishing middle section of the River Alumine (Rancague/Techo Amarillo Cabins) End of the day 3pm. Farewell dinner!
  • Day 8: Breakfast and transfer to San Martin de los Andes Airport for departure.
  • *Fishing season: November through May 31st.
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  • Full time coordinator from the moment you book your trip.
  • Meet and assistance on arrival and departure at San Martin de Los Andes Airport.
  • All ground transportation from/to San Martin de Los Andes airport and fishing spots.
  • Deluxe double bedroom lodging with private bathrooms.
  • All beverages, including real good quality Argentinean wines, local beers, and local hard liquor.
  • All Gourmet meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Professional fishing guides (personal assistants).
  • Free WiFi.
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  • International and domestic Airfare.
  • Fishing permit.
  • Fishing tackle & gear (rods, lines, leaders, flies, waders).
  • Gratuities to house staff.

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